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'[OT] A handy URL for some?'
1999\11\25@005258 by Mark Willis

Would someone overseas, who is into Win9x/NT, see if they can use to call me as a local call, through that?  Might
be handy for those overseas!  I know it works for the entire US, I'm
told, I am wondering if it will let someone overseas call through it.

If you're in the US, at least, and possibly if you're on Earth, it lets
you dial any voice phone number in the US, as a free local call.  More
power to these folks!  They're having some occasional overloading of the
local dial-out numbers they have, and the sound isn't "perfect" (A
friend called me on this, some echoing & hash & so on), but, what do you
want for a free call?  <G>

Just e-mail me, I'll be in and out tonight, but here most of the night,
I only need 1 person to call me, not 37 <EG>


I do small package shipping for small businesses, world-wide.

1999\11\25@095608 by Wagner Lipnharski

Hey Mark, I was to test it with my parents from Brazil next week... :)
talk about coincidences.

3 weeks ago I tested IPHONE5.0 and it works great, including the
conference room with several people at the same time, but you need to
purchase a license ($50) to keep it working after 2 weeks. Cracked
password makes the software stop working well, since you need to logon
at Vocaltech center every time you goes online, they know the list of
cracked passwords, and then, as magic your software goes south... :)

Then I tested Netmeeting from Microsoft, you can use video camera and
all, but it is too damn lazy and *requires* Microsoft "Exploder" to be
installed... can you believe?

Then finally I tested, liked and suggest to friends and family the
one-to-one connection Media-Ring software. Sound quality is muuuuuuuch
better than a real phone conversation.  Actually I keep contact with
more than 6 friends and family overseas using this software, it is
saving me a fortune in phone calls. If you (or somebody else) are
interested to receive an "invitation" to be able to download this
software and use it for free (it is intended to be free), send a direct
email to me.

About the Dialpad, I tested for inter-states (US) calls, works pretty
well, but takes as long as 2 minutes to complete a call, (when it does),
and in my machine the program locks down when trying to exit it, needing
to reboot Windows95.  I don't see why people from overseas could not
call US numbers... but they need to register their country as US too...
and... hmm... remember... this is illegal (according to Dialpad terms of


Mark Willis wrote:
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1999\11\25@194730 by Mark Willis

If it works, that's good enough info for me.

Good thought on their part, to pass the PW to the web center on login!

I will be trying out NetMeeting, to collaborate with others on projects.

Media-Ring?  I'd love to try it, esp. if it works with WFW 3.11 here,
that'd be nice!  Please invite me, I like to be invited anyways <G>


Wagner Lipnharski wrote:
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I do small package shipping for small businesses, world-wide.

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