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'[OT] 6 way RCA socket panels'
2000\01\12@050444 by David Duffy

Does anyone know where I can get smallish quantities (1000) of
6 way RCA socket panels with white/red/yellow coloured inserts.
They're just like the ones you see on stereo VCR's,etc.
(Two rows of white/red/yellow for A/V input/output)
The pcb pins need to exit via the rear of socket. (not R/A)
Oh yes, the unit I want to make has a PIC (or two) in it !
Thanks in advance for any leads.  :-)

Dave Duffy         Audio Visual Devices 
Unit 8, 9-11 Trade Street, Cleveland, Queensland 4163 Australia
Phone: +61 7 38210362                 Facsimile: +61 7 38210281


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