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'[OT] 2kVolt from battery'
1999\09\06@174015 by Mike Keitz

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On Mon, 6 Sep 1999 16:08:31 EDT Matthew Ballinger <spam_OUTMattBeckTakeThisOuTspamAOL.COM>
> > 2kV * 4mA = 8W output!
>     Yes, I realize that is quite drain from AA batteries.

The rather large power required means this circuit won't be easy.  The
use of only 4 AA batteries is a major limitation.  Expect the batteries
to sag to 4.5V, then figure 70% efficiency (which is very good for a
circuit like this), you'll need about 2.5A from the batteries.  I doubt
alkaline batteries will work very well, use NiCd or metal hydride ones.

>The duty
> cycle is
> very low however. Just 2-3 sec every few minutes. So I don't think
> this will
> be a big problem.

At 3 sec every 3 minutes, you have an average current of 42 mA.  If the
battery rating is 1200 mA-hr, they'd last about 28 hr of use.

> 1N4007 1Amp, 1kV PIV diodes

These diodes work very poorly above line frequency (even 1200 Hz is
pushing it), and you're going to want to use a ferrite core transformer
and even higher frequency.  Use fast-recovery diodes instead.  I don't
know if a suitable diode with a 3000V rating is easily avaialable, if it
is I'd first try not using a voltage multiplier and just using the
transformer in flyback mode to step up.

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