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'[OT] 220 GFI? (was 380 - 220V)'
1999\10\15@202643 by Reginald Neale

>erm - this was awhile ago, but if you have 3 standard 3phase leads then
>taking any two of them will give you 220v. I i seem to remeber something
>about star and delta wiring. cant remeber where it comes in. the drop from
>380 to 220 is because of the 120 deg phase diff between the 3 phases.

Tangentially related (yes, it will have a PIC in it) a customer wants us to
design a controller for a 220V submersible pump. He wants it to have a
built-in Ground Fault Interrupter capability. Anyone have suggestions on a
source of parts? All my catalogs show only 120V GFIs.

Reg Neale

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