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PICList Thread
'[OT] .COD files (esp Walter Banks)'
1999\01\25@145013 by Scott Dattalo

Primarily for Walter, but...

Could someone please send me a copy of Walter's pascal program that can
read .cod files. I seem to have lost (***) both Walter's email address and
the program.


Hucking Fackers polished my SCSI platters with an rm -rf /

1999\01\25@214149 by Eduardo R.

> Should this be true for symbols too? Walter Banks sent me a pascal program
> that can read .cod files (the symbol file generated by mpasm), though I
> lost it (see why below). It would be relatively easy, though perhaps
> somewhat tedious, to ascertain the .cod file format from this pascal
> program. The more I think about this, the more I think that gpasm should
> generate symbol files in .cod format.
> What do you think?

I think that .COD file compatibility would be A Good Thing.  Could we
get the source again from Walter Banks?

James Bowman
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At 11:21 AM 1/25/99 -0800, you wrote:
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Best wishes
                Eduardo R

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1999\01\25@221015 by Scott Dattalo

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Eduardo R. wrote:

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Cross posting!

Walter has kindly resent the .COD format to me again.

I'll begin incorporating the format in to gpasm. (Though I doubt I'll be
ready by the time 0.0.8 is released).


1999\01\26@041605 by paulb

Scott Dattalo wrote:

> I seem to have lost (***) both Walter's email address and the program.

 My!  How did fackers get at your disk?
       Paul B.

1999\01\26@161024 by Scott Dattalo

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Paul B. Webster VK2BZC wrote:

> Scott Dattalo wrote:
> > I seem to have lost (***) both Walter's email address and the program.
>   My!  How did fackers get at your disk?


But I'm not exactly sure. My strongest suspicion is that they hacked into
my personal isp (interstice) and were able to look at my .bash_history to
see that I often telnet to work. From there they probably obtained my ip
address and username - and if they had a sniffer running my isp, my
password as well. Getting user access to my machine was trivial. Once that
was done, there are known attacks to get root access.  I was running
Redhat 5.1 which is know to have a few security holes (imountd for
example, is one). So I suspect that exploited something there. Once they
had control of my machine, they were able to sniff my subnet and obtain
other people's usernames AND passwords. I know of have a dozen accounts on
other computers that had unauthorized logins. In one account on SRI's
main server they managed to create an ircbot.

I was able to capture enough information to obtain leads on how to capture
these pricks. Our security guys are looking at the evidence. We've been
successful capturing these kind of breakins before, hopefully the same
will be true this time.

My machine was the only that was maliciously destroyed. Fortunately I had
backups of the important  work-related stuff. And depending on you
perspective, I either tragically or joyessly losted 6 months of e-mail

This time I'm better prepared... we'll see what happens.


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