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'[OT] Recording radio on a video recorder.'
2000\02\07@220555 by andy howard

Someone has mailed me offlist to ask about something I should've
mentioned in my previous post.

Some video machines do seem to need syncs in order to record audio
properly. Most that I've tried over the years don't, luckily.

A friend of mine solved the problem by buying a cheapo video
test-pattern generator. About 15UKP (approx 25 USD) as I recall.  You
can get these from several mail order suppliers (check the ads in a
video hobbyist magazine) and possibly from Radio Shack or local
equivalent (e.g. Tandy in the UK).

Alternatively, with very little effort you could make a sync pulse
generator with a PIC to achieve the same effect.

I don't what system they use where you are but in the UK the TV system
uses  625 lines at 50Hz, interlaced. This corresponds to a  625*25 =
15.625kHz line frequency = 64uS horizontal sync pulse repetition rate.

I think the US uses 60 Hz * 525 lines but I could be wrong here. That
would be 15.750kHz = 63.492uS.

Sync pulses are normally 0.3V negative going and any video (picture)
signal goes up to 1V peak which represents white.  0V = black.  You
won't need any picture to sync the recorder for audio.

Here's a (poor) illustration of what it'd look like.

-------------------------------------------   1V. Typical peak level
                                             of picture information.

______  ______  ______  ______  ______  0v
     ||      ||      ||      ||
     ||      ||      ||      ||
     --      --      --      --        -300mV

I also found this in an old file:

"DigiKey lists 74ACT715PC-ND as "Video Synchronous Generator NEW!" It is
a 20 pin DIP and costs $17.50 each for small quantities. The
surface-mount version is SC instead of the PC in the above number. You
have to pay an extra $1 for the datasheet if you want one."

I'm lucky, my Panasonic recorder works quite happily with no video syncs



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