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'[OT] PIC to generate sync for VCR to record data'
2000\02\08@080432 by andy howard

> I once tried using a VCR to record async serial data but found that
> mangled because it tried to adjust tracking looking for sync.
> I am sure there have been others doing this. (I remember a z80 board
set up
> as a tape archiver for a VCR)

I seem to remember seeing ads for a system that used a video recorder as
a backup device. I presume it was overtaken by the low cost of storage
and backup these days.

> If anyone cares to point out some links or even better, some PIC code
> hard could it be?), I'd much appreciate it.
> alternatively what about encoding digital audio into the video frames?
> MP3 VCR?

Many of the earliest digital audio recordings were done on video
recorders, using a Sony F1 PCM adaptor. In those days "real" digital
recorders cost a small fortune so the Sony/video recorder system gained
a lot of friends by being some two orders of magnitude cheaper(!)

You can still find these units for sale at pro-audio surplus dealers.
Your local recording studio or radio station may even have a few
gathering dust in a back room.
They record linear rather than MP3, but in the context of real-time
recording and 8 hours recording time maybe the sound quality of linear
outweighs any benefit of compression.

I know of at least one major radio station that uses these for audio
archiving still.


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