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'[OT] Off Topic Ethernet Question.'
2000\02\05@183540 by andy howard

> The question is, whats stopping us from using a small rx/tx RF module
> and using two Ethernet cards as a wireless interface, Yes I know that
> your not going to get 10mb but for some stuff like terminal
> process control and other stuff its not going to matter.
> The idea came to me when I discovered a schematic for an inexpensive
> laser RS232 transceiver.
> In the environment IM trying to setup this control system in we are
not able
> to
> use Ethernet cables or wired networks due to the machinery.. Its an
> machine, and the RF in the room is WAY to high, the PC is in a Faraday
> because we originally had trouble with it locking up :(.

If huge RF fields are a problem in your application then using an RF
data link doesn't sound like your best strategy.  :>

Optical might be a good way to send your data, over shortish distances
you can get good results simply with IR diodes. Longer distances might
need something more elaborate involving lasers, fibres or both.

Something I've used in the past is a current loop system like the old
teleprinter machines. That's immune to surprisingly high levels of

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