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'[OT] Internal UPS for PC'
1999\02\04@123708 by wft


I am looking for an internal UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
that will support 230 watts for 4 minutes.  Or maybe there is a PC power supply
that uses an optional battery.  I don't want to backup anything but the computer

thanks for any help


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Gus Calabrese    Lola Montes      WFT Electronics
4337 Raleigh Street      Denver, CO 80212
303 964-9670......voicemail

Alternate:   791 High Street     Estes Park, CO  80517
if no success with, try ....

1999\02\04@143119 by Eric Oliver


I just finished building a sealed hub and two sealed computer cabinets for
use in our plant.  I just bought three APC BackUPS 200s and took them
apart. Is this for a single unit or for production quantities ?  At the
time I wondered if APC would sell just the board ( the battery and
transformer could be bought elsewhere ). I would be interested in anything
you find out.

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