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'[OT] Re: [EE]: The joys of electronics'
2002\08\27@144132 by Benjamin Bromilow

Similar but different......
At school the physics teacher was showing that in a vacuum a feather and a
ball bearing fall at the same rate... So he bought a big glass tube with a
feather and a ball bearing in it. The ends where sealed (though one had a
nipple on it to attach to the vacuum pump).
So he slowly evacuated the glass tube (sadly not the classroom at the same
time) and lifted the tube in the air. The ball bearing and the feather fell
at the same time. The only problem was that the ball bearing fell into the
nipple blocking it off. The vacuum pump went into overload so he placed the
tube on the desk and camly switched off the pump (rather than slowly turning
down the vacuum). The inward gush of air blew the ball bearing all the way
along the tube, straight through the glass end plate, across the classroom
and embeded itself in the wall. Luckily no one was in the way............
It took him a while to live that one down.....

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2002\08\28@105033 by John Ferrell

face picon face
IMHO, you have just described a new kind of air rifle with a lot of
potential. I will think about this for a while!

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