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'[OT] RaspberryPi as the next great thing'
2012\03\09@125930 by YES NOPE9

RBPI is flawed in so many ways and yet so wonderful......
I would like to see RBPI harness some of the legions of enthusiasts.
#1   Make the RBPI manufacturing and fullfillment process the best in the world.
        Use volunteers... I bet RBPI can get some of the best in the world  ... APPLE ?
#2   Lock down Broadcom as a reliable supplier of parts.....
#3   Encourage spin offs and FLOSS support and add-ons.......  innovate, innovate, innovate
            This is already happening.... keep it happening ... do not discourage enthusiasts with manufacturing and delivery mis-steps.
#4   Drive the cost of an RBPI module and peripherals ....down, down , down

99guspuppet              99raspberryp

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