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'[OT] [drifting farther OT]Bullet Proof Circuit...'
1999\10\25@094512 by Lawrence Lile

Warning -

Some silicone rubbers are corrosive to copper.  Often as they cure they
exude acetic acid (smell 'em and see for yourself!)

GE makes a variety of silicone rubber specifically adapted for use around
copper circuit boards - use it in commercial products!

I know this because I sat on top of a 100 foot tall hazardous waste tank in
a gale (OK a stiff breeze )fixing the alarms, which had been coated with
silicone rubber and were lousy with corrosion. We always sealed stuff like
that with parafin wax - easy to remove with low temperature heat,
noncorrosive, runs into all the cracks, not sticky or messy.  Keeps the
water out real nice.

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