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'[OT] [TECH] [EE] Old issues of Circuit Cellar and '
2009\12\25@173350 by Carl Denk

I have available the following magazines that I no longer have use for.
Terms are, I would hope to make at least the USPS shipping, or a little
more, but would consider a good home for free to someone that is a
student or not working. Shipping could be around $11 for 1 years worth
maximum. I will ship only within the continental states, or could be
picked at my place in North Central Ohio. If interested E-mail me
privately with the title and years interested. If pleading hardship,
include a statement of 20 words maximum stating your case, or $$ you are
bidding for the requested items. The decision of what happens is solely
mine, final, and I’m not responsible for anything. All magazines are in
good to excellent condition with no missing pages. Only shipped in full
years, except the few individual issues that will go as one lot.

Nuts & Volts magazine: December 2001 (included with 2002) to 2006.
December 2005 is missing.

Circuit Cellar magazine: July 1998 to December 2000, January 2004 to
December 2005. The following issues are missing: February and March
1999, February 2000, and May 2004.
As one lot: March and October 2002, August 2001, and September 1996.

I would hope to have everything shipped within a week, or they go in the
recycle bin.

2009\12\25@175950 by PICdude

Quoting Carl Denk <>:

> I have available the following magazines that I no longer have use for.
> ...

Mine are being donated to a local high school.

FYI, if you ship, USPS has a special/lower "Media Mail" rate.

Happy Holidays.


2009\12\25@191924 by Carl Denk

Thanks on the Media Mail tip. I checked that out, and looks like 1
year's issues would be around $4 and 3 years $8. Thought about donating,
but don't think the local has a program where this would be applicable.

PICdude wrote:
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2009\12\25@201126 by Marcel Duchamp

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Carl Denk wrote:
>>> I have available the following magazines that I no longer have use for.

It's nice of you to try to give these away; if no one on the list wants
them, you might consider to net resources: craigslist and freecycle.

2009\12\25@204125 by Carl Denk

When the daughter got her master's degree from Georgia Tech., I donated
about 600 lbs. of civil engineering journals, magazines, etc. to the
University.They appreciated, and freed up much of my bookcase space.
That we had to haul from Cleveland to Atlanta, about 768 miles. :)

Marcel Duchamp wrote:
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2009\12\25@212313 by PICdude

I mentor the Robotics club and on the Engineering academy advisory  
board of a local high school, so I had inside info :)  See if any  
local high school has an engineering program, and ask for that  
instuctor.  To a school, you can tax deduct it at whatever the going  
price is for back issues.


Quoting Carl Denk <>:

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> -

'[OT] [TECH] [EE] Old issues of Circuit Cellar and '
2010\01\04@154141 by M. Adam Davis
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You may have already disposed of these, but if not let me know.  I'm
in southeast michigan, and regularly visit columbus so picking them up
wouldn't be a problem if you don't want to deal with shipping.

On Fri, Dec 25, 2009 at 5:33 PM, Carl Denk <> wrote:
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