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PICList Thread
'[OT] : USB Sniffer .'
2007\08\23@225710 by Robert Rolf

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Change tag from PIC to OT.

Mujahidin wrote:

> Where I can get the USB sniffer software for free edition, because I use the
> HHD USB Monitor at the  trial version, at the several use the software is
> stop. Please help me

This is the SECOND post you've made on this topic.
The reason people have NOT helped you is because you seem to be wanting
something for nothing.

Your problem is easy fix. Just PAY for the software you are using.
You obviously want to use it, so now that the trail period is over,
pay the developer what he wants. Otherwise you're just stealing his work.

Put it in perspective. Are you going to GIVE AWAY the software/hardware
YOU are currently working one? Neither is he.


2007\08\24@012102 by Richard Prosser

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Or, in my case, if I knew the answer I'd respond.
But I don't.
So I didn't.


On 24/08/07, Robert Rolf <> wrote:
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