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'[OT] : Power Inverters'
2001\06\09@010520 by Jinx

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> Good to hear you are doing well - this drug is known as Paxil here
> in Canada.
> D

Thanks, I've already received 1/2 dozen thumbs up off-list. So many
people seem now have this disorder I thought it worth passing on my
experiences. It also explains why I've been in such a bloody good
mood just lately

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2001\06\09@012944 by Jinx

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> It's amazing how much our brains depend on the exact chemical
> balance. Actually, I suppose it's amazing that they work at all really :)

It is. A two-part series has just shown here called Phantoms In The
Brain. Some extraordinarily rare conditions that some folk have.
Like the man last night who has temporal lobe epilepsy and is over-
come with joy, to the point of exhausting I-can-see-god overload, at
anything and everything he looks at, people who's neural pathways
between eye and magdyla (the emotional processor) has been injured
or disrupted. Detailed studies of these types of conditions are
extremely useful in developing intellectual, emotional and intuitional
maps of the brain. Useful for both the treatment and understanding
of how the brain works (by forensically examing how it goes wrong,
like we do with circuits that don't work) and useful for the develop-
ment of artificial intelligence paradigms

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2001\06\09@110523 by goflo

Hi Joe -

Your post is wonderful news - Sounds like you've turned
the corner.

Had a MRI scan awhile back, as in stuffed full-length
into a closed-end tunnel barely large enough to admit
for about 45 minutes. It was a white-knuckle experience.

I sort of knew I was a bit claustrophobic, but the in-
tensity was a complete surprise. I got through it, just.

Nothing like that has happened since, but I find myself
aware of my environs in a way I was not conscious of
before - Hard to explain, but things are different...

I have'nt pursued it. I'm an ongoing medical experiment
anyway, these days, & I'm afraid to give my poor doc more
to worry about. She's a good one, fortunately.
Very important to have a doc that's on your side. Sounds
like you do.

Good luck, and get well.

best regards, Jack

Jinx wrote:

> For several years I've battled against severe and chronic
> agoraphobia and only in the last few weeks found a medication
> that is very effective...

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2001\06\09@225930 by Glen Torr

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Thank you for the thoughtful off topic post, I have similiar experience with
a similiar problem (OCD) and have found great relief in excellent medical
practicioners and modern drugs.



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2001\06\10@091228 by Jinx

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> Thank you for the thoughtful off topic post

Thanks for the on/off-list encouragement. May we all win
our battles, big or small

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