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'[OT] (Fwd) Greenland Artifact?'
2007\12\02@183437 by Enki

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I saw this posted on Salla's exopolitics egroup:

Salla wrote:
"... Aloha, a very large artifact has appeared on Google Earth
which depicts a rectangular green/orange object that is 80 km (50 miles)
long and approximately 1 km wide, and nearby is another black rectagular
artifact that is about half the size (40 km/25 miles). The green/orange
object looks artificial and the melting snow is exposing what appears to
be a massive artificial structure. The black object looks very much like
the monolith in Kubrick's 2001.  Both objects are parallel.

The following Google video gives a brief overview of the Greenland

One can verify the existence of the two objects using the latest version
ofGoogle Earth. If the Google Earth images are accurate, this may well
turn out to be very large artifact(s) from an earlier civilization in

On wikimapia:

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2007\12\02@201835 by Jake Anderson

looks like an imaging artifact to me.

Enki wrote:
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2007\12\02@201845 by Peter Todd

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On Sun, Dec 02, 2007 at 09:34:30PM -0200, Enki wrote:

Looks to me like google stitched a section of imagery that was taken
during sunset with very high altitude clouds right next to a normal
cloud covered section.

Up close you can see what may be another pass a few minutes later, where
even the clouds are getting orange covered.

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> --

2007\12\03@002900 by Apptech

> looks like an imaging artifact to me.

I very very very strongly suspect that the original writer
knew this but couldn't wait until April 1st.


2007\12\03@055628 by Dario Greggio

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Enki wrote:

> I saw this posted on Salla's exopolitics egroup:

Hey, it's nice!! :)

Ciao, Dario

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