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'[OT][TECHO] Windows SP2 broke my printing'
2004\10\04@072418 by Russell McMahon


The following problem is now fixed. But I'll post this on the chance that it
may be of use to others.


Not 100% sure this is a Windows XP SP2 problem.
But about 99% sure.
Other users report a fault that sounds 100% identical

Didn't happen instantly. About 1 week after SP2 install.
An HP G85 printer connected via USB.
XP Home.

Printed OK one day.
Next printing attempt about ?12 hours later AFTER DAYLIGHT SAVING CHANGED
THE TIME (I wonder) resulted in:

- Printer appears present as usual.
- Applications detect no printer present.
- No printing.

Install new printer of same type using existing drivers - no good.
Install new printer with update HP XP driver no good (62 MB!)

No go!


Uninstall all versions of this printer (I had multiple instances with
different parameters set).
Uninstall all related print 'servers' found at
     Printer & fax
         Server Properties


Create new printer server by installing new drivers from HP site (62 MB
For G85 it's

For other HP printers back up this address a bit.

Install printer(s) based on this server

I also made a server by reinstalling the original HP drivers and this
doesn't work. It seems the original set is still broken.
It also seems they have to be removed initially before the new drivers will

As with many such things, this was a voyage of discovery and there may be
some magic enabling step that i performed and am not aware of

           Russell McMahon

Many XP drivers

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