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'[OT][TECHO] Failure to display embedded pictures i'
2004\10\06@053132 by Russell McMahon

I regularly send out emails containing photos to about 60 recipients.
I generally embed the photos rather than attaching them, as in many browsers
and some webmail programs this allows them to be positioned relative to text
rather than appearing at the end. I am using Outlook Express under Windows

All except one recipient seem to be able to view the photos OK.
One recent addition to the list reports that the photos appear scrambled.
The 'mime" format is being broken. But if his wife forwards the emails to
him he can view them OK. He uses XP Pro and Outlook.

Has anyone any suggestions as to why his system may behave this way. My
Googling hasn't turned up any likely leads.

       Russell McMahon

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2004\10\06@103533 by M. Adam Davis

I would tend to ask questions about his email provider and possible spam
or virus scanning the provider may be giving.  Does his wife use a
different provider?

When forwarding outlook simply packages the message up as an attachment
- no changes.  I'd be interested in comparing the two email - one
directly from you, and one forwarded from his wife.  This should point
towards the problem.


Russell McMahon wrote:

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