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'[OT][TECHO] 3 supernovae about to occur ?'
2004\10\02@091722 by Russell McMahon

2 X-Ray flashes bursts and a near Gamma Ray burster from different sky
Subsequent nova(e) or not will help settle best theory of linkages between
the three.


Russell's SciFi Ramblings:    Read at your peril :-)
They still haven't realised that Gamma Ray Bursters are the means of
providing the immense energy required to propel "star ships" (not as we know
them, Jim) to the requisite speed - within a very very very small distance
from the speed of light - required to get enough time dilation to provide
trips of suitably short relative duration. A GRB is seen when we are "on
beam" of a jet from a formative event. An X-Ray flash occurs when we are
somewhat off line. We may in due course encounter a "vessel" for which we
have seen a GRB - although it's unlikely and it would probably not be for a
few millions to a few billions of years from now, our time. We will never
see a "vessel" for which we see an Xray flash as we are too far off axis. A
'starship', unless it is on a terminal mission, will only enter a region
where a suitable nova can be subsequently initiated. We are therefore
unlikely to have any really close visits. Most species only employ GRB
propulsion for transporting payloads that are inherently unsuited to FTL.

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