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PICList Thread
2001\01\28@225827 by David Huisman

Has anyone here had experience with the iready - micron web server ?

Could you please email me if you have.


David Huisman

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2001\01\29@043351 by Oluseyi Odeinde

picon face
i'm equally as curious, so if u don't mind, pls email the piclist. (or me

David Huisman wrote:

{Quote hidden}


Seyi Odeinde
Instrumentation for extreme - ocean - space
Software Development Engineer
Earth-Ocean Systems

Tel: ++44 (0) 2920 875 183 - DL
    ++44 (0) 7799 537 184 - Mobile

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new
discoveries, is not "Eureka!" (I found it!) but "That's funny ..."
               -- Isaac Asimov

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