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'[OT]:banlist of ip addresses'
2002\08\13@054416 by zantos

Sorry for the very [OT]:
My primary school has a adsl connection and I am using a Linux firewall
set-up. Is there somewhere I can obtain an up to date list of ip address
with adult content that I can use to block access to these sites from our
network ? I am aware of net nanny and cybercop but I not sure that the

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2002\08\14@144729 by M. Adam Davis

Most companies that collect this kind of information consider it trade
secret material and only license it for money.

I know of no 'open' list of this type.  You might consider creating a
simple proxy that reads the web pages as they go through and blocks
pages which appear to have adult content (based on words in the HTML).
You can then build your own IP list.  If your engine blocks a page,
then find the IP and put it in the ban list so the proxy doesn't even
have to deal with it again later.

You'll also have to have an 'allowed' list, since useful sites (such as
google) could, for various searches, fail your HTML search.

It is more work, but then you have more control over it.  Unfortunately
every system has frailties, but the more control you have over it the
happier you'll be.


zantos wrote:

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