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'[OT]:Security systems'
2002\12\18@115608 by Dal Wheeler

Why not simply get her a dog instead?  :)

There was a project posted a while back on the Seattle Robotics encoder page
describing a computer vision project based on a cheap cmos cam and an SX
processor (a student group out of Canegie Melon?).  It'd track certain
colors and feed out an X,Y of the largest mass to have that color property.
So, if the would be troublemakers could be convinced to carry around an elmo
doll, or where bright colored clothes, that might just work.  :)

Seriously, what you are asking for isn't trivial.  You might look into
putting an array of motion sensors around the property and have them
networked into a PC display with a map showing the sensor zones.  Also,
security cameras are getting cheap enough it might be cost effective to
mount a series of those as well.

Why is it necessary to be able to "pinpoint" detect rather than a perimeter
alarm?  Costs could go up quite a bit for that extra amount of information.
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2002\12\18@164928 by Andy Kunz

> Why not simply get her a dog instead?  :)

Chickens and geese are much better "watchdogs" than dogs are, if she's
looking for an alarm system.

If she wants protection, then a dog is better.  But a video system is only
going to offer the same kind of info as the birds would.


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