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'[OT]:Junk mail galore...'
2001\12\23@010945 by James Newton, webmaster

face picon face

The only current effective method of combating SPAM is to
correctly trace the source and responsible parties of the SPAM
and to report these offenders to thier ISPs and thier ISPs ISPs
and to the blackhole lists and other monitoring agencies.

Some services are available that aid in this, and they are
valuable because the source is often very well hidden and it is
easy to point the finger at the wrong party.  and are examples

If you use outlook and have an account with spamcop, there are
some tools that make the reporting easier. Some are listed at the
spamcop site and I have put together one that works with minimal
effort at
You just move the SPAM to a folder in Outlook and run the script.
It reports the spam and logs it to a web page. Mine is at (for this month)
I have 6 confirmed kills since I started 4 months ago.

For more info see

Also note that this list is not terribly secure and your emails
could easily be mined and sold by any other subscriber. The
archive at is much harder to mine and has a number of
traps, gens and snares designed to detect, report and confuse
spammers but any time your email address is used to deliver and
email, you are open to being added to a SPAM list.

What I'm trying to say is: "SPAM Happens" You won't be able to
stop it, but you can be responsible and report it properly.

P.S. Threatening suspected SPAMMERS is NOT acceptable on this

James Newton: webmaster, former Admin #3  1-619-652-0593 phone

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2001\12\23@022329 by Randy Glenn

face should really be

-Randy Glenn

Measure twice, cut once, curse, discard. Repeat.
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   Not that the site works yet, of course...

{Original Message removed}

2001\12\23@050901 by Gary Baker

picon face


I use the above program its free, it PREVIEWS your email without downloading it from the server, it can bounce email it can delete and it does identify spam!

I think its excellent

Gary Baker

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