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'[OT]:IT Support so useful'
2002\08\29@073029 by cdb

Here is a little epistle I sent to a well known International trade
component supplier.

Dear Sirs,

I have 3 problems with the website. I use IE6.0.2600 on XP Pro.

#1. After logging in if I enter a product number via the Direct
Ordering option the prices are shown in Singapore $'s (yes I am at if I click on the product code I get A$'s yippee!
If I log onto the UK site I get £'s which is correct of course.

#2. I placed an order yesterday for 3866746 and it popped up with an
extra 2 items which had refer to XX in the description box and a zero
in the quantity box, I ignored the zero items, but after a phone call
from the sales staff today; apparently the system tried to order
these other two items. I believe they are discontinued.

#3. The change user details script appears not to work- it takes me
to the log on page and then just tells me who I am. Luckily I know
this already. I just wanted to add my email address to my details.

The reply from the help desk -

As our website has been designed using Internet Explorer version 5.5,
any other versions is certain to encounter error message. However as
you are
using IE 6.0, by enabling cookies, you should be able to view our
successfully.  I have attached the FixSheet to guide you through

This tells me how to enable cookies or elevate XX Ltd to a trusted
Now of course for the site to work at all and for me to be able to
log in I have to have cookies enabled and can me telling MS Exploder
that they are a trusted URL change the fact that the page displays
the wrong currency and helpfully adds extra items to my order?

a very non-plussed Colin

cdb, on 31/03/2002

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