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'[OT]:Douglas Adams'
2002\07\06@190627 by Jinx

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For anyone in NZ who's a Douglas Adams fan, and I know
there are at least two, there's a 50 minute BBC World program
at 3:10am Monday 8/7/02 morning called "Douglas Adams -
The Man Who Blew Up The World"


Looks like the docos are back with a vengeance on BBC World.
This morning there was "The Business Of Space", about the
commercialisation of space travel, "Mary Shelley, A Monstrous
Life" and "Raiders Of The Lost Lake" (whatever that's all about)

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2002\07\06@195118 by Jinx

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BTW, has anyone ever seen the doco about "Rods" ? Ignoring
the way OTT commentary and wild speculations about what they
are, I found the recent TV3 program absolutely fascinating

I could well believe in rods rather than Nessie, Sasquatch, or "did
we really go to the moon ?". The physical evidence (mostly video
footage) is very convincing and not easily explained IMHO. That
said, I doubt if they are "aliens watching us" or "badly filmed insects"

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2002\07\07@110358 by M. Adam Davis

For those interested, currently has the hitchhiker's guide
to the galaxy as one of their free audio books.  They allow you to burn
it to CD as well (unabridged, 4 cds)


Jinx wrote:

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