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PICList Thread
'[OT]: was: [PIC] RE: Stupid Question'
2002\09\25@155407 by Barry Gershenfeld

face picon face
> I am going to make an order to digikey and I
>dont want to get the stuff and realize I have to place a whole other order
>becasue I forgot some stupid support component...
>You do the COMPLETE specification and design BEFORE you order parts like
>crystals etc.  You also take the time to spell check before posting, you
>add [PIC] to the subject, if you want to avoid Olinisms.
>- Matt

1. Should he quote his message so we can tell it from the reply?
2. Should he sign his name under someone else's text (or vice versa?)
3. Should he put a colon after the [PIC] tag?
4. Should he get any slack because he's never done an EE project before?
5. Should he escape Olin's wrath, only to be hit from another side?
5. Should all the responses about the post be in [OT] if they don't
  contain any information about PIC's?  You bet.


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