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PICList Thread
'[OT]: virus spammers'
2002\10\16@151057 by Dale Botkin

On Wed, 16 Oct 2002, Jim wrote:

> Anyone else get this?

Sometimes several copies per day.  Fortunately I run my own mail server,
and it catches every single one.

> I believe the attachment was a virus(My anti virus is still disabled from
> another virus that I just got rid of).

You're right.

> Can I report this person to someone.

If it will make you feel better.  If you look at the mail headers, you
will probably see that it did NOT originate from whomever's email address
is in the From: field, but from someone else who had both you and them in
their email address book or inbox.  If you can figure out whose system
actually sent it (doubtful), you can tell them they have a virus, but in
my experience you won't have much luck with anything other than deleting
the message -- or using a filter or antivirus to prevent seeing them in
the first place.


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