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'[OT]: port noise complaint'
2002\11\11@053600 by cdb

This is not correct


It is also written in capitals using US ascii and I can't answer
anything that is not standard English as it is spoke by the Queen.

However if you see my macro you will see it should say

BED macro sheet,covers,above,extremity
      movlw extremity
      movwf covers
      movf   covers,w
      sublw sheets    ;makes sure bed at least has sheets
      btfss   STATUS, Z
     goto end
     movf  above,w
     subwf extremity
     movf extremity, F
     btfsc STATUS,Z
     bsf warning,1


cdb, on 11/11/2002

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2002\11\11@074934 by Jinx

face picon face
Apart from being argumentative, picky and over-confident, can
you think of any other reasons why someone would reject you
for a job ?? ;-P ;-)

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2002\11\12@014721 by Mike Singer

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***Tag is changed***

Rich wrote:
> I did pick up the subtle allusion to Portnoy's
> Complaint.  I wondered how many would.  I
> did think it was very clever!

  Never heard of this film or novel.
99.999% (aprox) USA films are not worthy of notice in
my opinion.  Just garbage product of the film
industry. Just business to pleaser those about whom
Olin wrote: "However, we're more arrogant and
self-centered here in North America..." (Re: [PIC]: AC
mains into PIC pin).Picking the rest (<0.001%) is too
time consuming.

  I prefer European films. The probability to pick up
decent film is several orders greater.


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