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'[OT]: global problems, WS Article: "The Press Gets'
2001\07\31@175743 by Jim

The Press Gets It Wrong
Our report doesn't support the Kyoto treaty.

Monday, June 11, 2001 12:01 a.m. EDT

Last week the National Academy of Sciences released
a report on climate change, prepared in response to a
request from the White House, that was depicted in the
press as an implicit endorsement of the Kyoto Protocol.

<small snip for space savings>

As one of 11 scientists who prepared the report, I can
state that this is simply untrue. For starters, the NAS
never asks that all participants agree to all elements of
a report, but rather that the report represent the span of
views. This the full report did, making clear that there is
no consensus, unanimous or otherwise, about long-term
climate trends and what causes them.

As usual, far too much public attention was paid to the
hastily prepared summary ...

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Jim (not a compete victim of 'the red press' yet)

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