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'[OT]: best way to measure KWH'
2000\10\24@201624 by Andy Howard

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> From: "M. Adam Davis" <spam_OUTadavisTakeThisOuTspamUBASICS.COM>

> Actually, in the former case you just have lots of gas substations which
> maintain resevoirs of gas, maintain pressure, and pump gas to and from
> other places, all these systems use electricity.

True enough, but the gas power generating station will have similar
infrastructure to provide its gas too.

> Not that I'm saying it is less efficient, just that you are also looking
at only
> part of the process as well.

True, and if you have your electricity from a renewable source my whole
argument falls apart very quickly. :o|

The point elsewhere about heat pumps is well made too. I remember from my
younger days a friend's house where there were solar heat collector panels
on the roof which supplied water to a heatpump which provided domestic hot
water and heating for very small amounts of "paid-for" energy.

Another friend heated his house *entirely* with ground heat. There was a
network of pipes laid under his lawn and water circulated through them to a
heatpump. It was amazing to find his house snug and warm when there was snow
on the ground just inches above the buried pipes (though admittedly, in the
east of England where this was, the air temperature rarely gets more than a
couple of degrees below freezing and the ground never freezes below the very
thinnest of top layers).

All this was in the 70s so I expect the efficiencies obtainable would be
much higher now.


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