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'[OT]: behaviour message: it was - recover data fr'
2002\10\12@003646 by Wagner Lipnharski

Vasile Surducan wrote:

>   Heee-heeh !
>   So you're "just a little" latin eh ?
> Thank you very much telling me about where BraZil is, I need it a lot
> ! :) also the capital :), BTW there is the same beautifull Rio wiew
> from the Crist's head ?  If you haven't realised yet I'm not an
> american ( pretty bad...) , then maybe you must know your capital is
> not Rio de Janeiro, neither Sao Paolo, but Brasil. I forgive you, let
> see if you know where is Romania and the Romanian capital... maybe
> Ukraina ?
>   best luck with your 30 minutes built in CISC microprocessors :)
>   all the best,
>   Vasile

To tell you the truth, I am not latin, I was just born in Brazil, father
and mother from Russia and Poland.  If you ever read my lastname you would
realize it is not exactly brazilian.  About geography and languages, I am
not that stuppid, I have business in Romania (software builders), already
went there some times, including business with the huge injection molding
machinery plant Andrey Sirkov in Tiraspol city (Moldavia) almost border to

Brazil's capital is Brasilia (not Brasil). Your Bucarest is very nice, I
enjoy to stay at the Continental Hotel at Nicolae Balcescu Blvd, since it
is close to the restaurants that serve the good Mamaligas, at the second
parallel street to the left. Also, congratulations to your Andrei Pavel
beating Nikolay Davydenko today in the quarter-finals.

You forgive me? did I made something wrong? do I need to be forgiven? and
by the way, there is nothing as "luck" to design a processor in 30 minutes,
just requires a little think called brain.

Noroc, Nasdrovie!!! Take it easy, you can find very good engineers and even
scientists around this list.  Don't mess up with people, you never know who
you are talking to, how much they know, or what they are capable of.
Respect everyone and you will be respected in the same level.

Now it is dinner time, "Pofta Buna"!!!


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