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'[OT]: Xbox security has been broken?'
2002\06\04@204109 by Jim

  "but everyone agrees it's to line their pockets."

I feel the pressure of the barrel against my temples
even now ...

(Meaning I can feel their 'gun to my head' forcing me to buy
their box and cartridges.)


What ever happened to protecting intellectual property?


(PS. Please note that I changed the topic tag to 'OT'.)

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2002\06\04@211235 by M. Adam Davis

Well, a company who has investors is generally expected to make money.
They make money by developing IP and then using methods to profit off
the IP.  So, strictly speaking, I was correct about the lining their
pocket thing.  I suppose there are people who believe these copy
protection methods are not meant to protect their profitability, but I
like to ignore the masses when it's convenient for my own nefarious
purposes.  :-)

I made two mistakes - I said "Everyone agrees..." which is just
propaganda, and "line their pockets" which  can be interpretted as
ill-gotten gains.  They are not doing anything (or much) illegal, so I
probably should have been nicer.

"If you can't say something nice, mumble it under your breath..."



Jim wrote:

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2002\06\05@005357 by MegaBolt

picon face
PC for $199.99 who wants to buy?!  P3, 3D video, DVD capable....
I wonder how else are these console makers making money?

loyalties alone doesn't add up,  there's no money it in!

James - Not Making Consoles Anytime Soon

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