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'[OT]: Where does one find an old VB or Crystal Rep'
2001\03\19@172739 by jamesnewton

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I'm in an interesting position of needing to update an old Crystal Reports
version 2.0 .RPT file that is a part of an old VB application. I desperately
need to change the font that one of the labels is printed in or add a new
label in that font. (long story) The source for the VB program is not
available and upgrading would be cost prohibitive.

Any help with the following questions would be very, very much appreciated.

A) What version of Visual Basic includes Crystal Reports v2.0? I've found a
place where I can buy VB 1.1 through 6.0 ( )

B) What is the file format of Crystal Reports v2.0 .RPT files? Wotsit has

C) Is the file format different or the same for more recent versions? E.g.
Can Crystal Reports v8.0 do a "Save as..." in Crystal reports v2.0 format?
Crystal reports

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2001\03\20@035346 by Alan B. Pearce

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Do you know if you are running a 16 bit or 32 bit version of VB? I am not sure
if this will help you, but I have an app that I am modifying done in VB3 (i.e.
16 bit only). I have not been able to find a Crystal Reports version, but it
does say the MSJet DLL files appear to be version 110 as part of the DLL name,
i.e. MSAJT110.DLL and MSAES110.DLL. This may give you a pointer to version

However further browsing of the Office Developers CD that is part of the VB3
Professional Kit I have seems to indicate that Microsoft Jet 1.1 is the normal
release, and on the Developers CD is the files for the Jet 2 engine, so it may
be VB3 that the application is written in.

If you really needed to get at the source code there is a decompiler out on the
web for VB3, called DoDi.

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