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'[OT]: What kids do (was bad oscilloscope?)'
2002\02\17@231242 by Bob Ammerman

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> My only probe is now a electrical/magnetically decoupled probe as my
> 3 year daughter chopped the lead into many pieces.

My son (now nearly 12) at age 5 or so decided to help daddy fix a computer:
by cutting every wire he could find in it with a pair of diagonal cutters.

That was shortly after he attacked my office with a 1/8" drill bit in a
cordless dirll. I am still finding holy items.

Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems

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2002\02\17@233013 by Dale Botkin

Oh, yeah.

I made the mistake of leaving the back off our near-new 27" TV (quite
expen$ive in '88 or so), and just shoved the tools underneath.  I'd been
working very late one night replacing a speaker one of the little darlings
had skewered with a toy.  My oldest son, about 4 or 5 at the time, decided
he'd help Daddy by taking a 10" Crescent wrench to the neck of the tube.

We didn't watch TV for a couple of years.  Even if I could have afforded a
new CRT, I didn't have the equipment to gfet it tweaked and aligned
properly, and the repair shops flat out told me it would cost less to
replace the set.  Eventually the nice oak swivel TV made a dandy stand for
the 13" replacement.

And there's the bright orange spray paint...  the drill incident...  and
so on, and so on.  May they all have kids of their own some day - I could
use a good laugh!

"Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that
curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly."
         - Arnold Edinborough

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2002\02\17@234521 by Kathy Quinlan

How about our 3 year old cutting the TV power cord while the TV was plugged
in and switched on, still have the pair of scissors :o)



PS he is still alive ;o)

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2002\02\18@070804 by Russell McMahon

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I have a foster nephew who is labelled as mentally retarded, autistic and
has mild cerebral palsy.

What they don't label is that he is selectively very intelligent, has a
multi track mental targeting system that allows him to work out when he can
almost certainly do one of the 20 things he wants to that you don't want him
to and achieve success. When you see him running you don't know what he's
about to do but you know he knows you almost certainly can't stop him :-).
He also has a superb memory. He was 12 years old.when the following

There was lots of prior detail but in the end, while his father was at the
local hospital with another son I had exhausted most possibilities and had
him in his bedroom with me sitting across the doorway reading a book. He
tried turning his tape player volume up and down but that did not bother me.
Finally, he tried something new - he bit through the mains cord while
powered up. Flash. Yell. Action. Seems OK. Mouth somewhat burnt ! Ring local
A&E. Ring Father. Hey Dad - I probably should take your other son to the
emergency room as well ....

He hasn't tried that again since :-)



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