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'[OT]: What is that _RESTORE folder on WinME'
2002\01\13@171927 by Edson Brusque


   when I upgraded to WinME I've noted a folder called _RESTORE on my C:
drive root folder.

   What is the objective of this folder? Why can't I delete any of the
files inside it? How can I delete it?

   Best regards,


Edson Brusque
Research and Development
C.I.Tronics Lighting Designers Ltda
Blumenau  -  SC  -  Brazil

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2002\01\13@172722 by Barry Michels

Ain't that annoying?  That's the first thing I noticed about ME that I
really didn't like.  It's a place where ME stores DUPLICATE files so if
anything goes wrong, you can restore your data.  It brought my 600Mhz laptop
to a crawl since it was making the drive (4500 rpm) do double duty.

Right-click on My Computer and select Properties.  There's an option in
there to disable it (Don't use system Restore, or something to that effect).
However, you still can't delete the folder, you can only hide it by telling
Explorer not to show hidden folders (which is why I hate this feature.  I
don't want Windose to hide anything).

I went into dos and deleted it.  Upon reboot, ME re-creates the folder,
whether you use it or not!

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2002\01\13@211844 by Harold M Hallikainen

picon face
I'll have to try deleting that directory and disabling restore. I could
probably double my HD capacity....



On Sun, 13 Jan 2002 17:25:50 -0500 Barry Michels <spam_OUTbmichelsTakeThisOuTspamEPIX.NET>
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2002\01\14@001520 by Patrick J

Another thing you can do (which I did 5 minutes after I installed ME the
first time) is the set the max size allowed for the restore dir.
If you find out howto get rid of that crap totally let me know :-)

From: "Harold M Hallikainen
> I'll have to try deleting that directory and disabling restore. I could
> probably double my HD capacity....

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