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'[OT]: What Test Gear to create "curves"'
2002\08\18@020919 by Jim

It seems that the use of the term "curves"
is rich throughout the history of engineering
here in the United States.

Whether it was plate Ip "curves" or the family
or Ids "curves" observed during FET character-
ization, the term "curves" represents a plot
most assuredly NOT of linear nature, hence
the term "curve".

Here is an example pulled from the annals of
time (1966 to be exact) involving RF propagation
"curves" (of all things!):

 "Development of VHF and UHF Propagation
  Curves for TV and FM Broadcasting"

(Caution - document is comprised of scanned
images and may consume a little time to
completely  download!)

RF Jim

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