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'[OT]: Well done D'backs!'
2001\11\05@141619 by Quentin

From someone that does not stay in USA, who does not know everything
about baseball, but enough to enjoy it. Who only atarted watching
baseball earlier this year because it was the only thing worthwile
watching at 3 am (I keep funny hours).
I rooted for the D'Backs only because they were the underdogs in this
World (??) Series.

Well done! It was very entertaining.


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2001\11\05@145710 by Herbert Graf

You certainly picked a good series to watch, this years world series has
been by far the best in recent memory, it's been exciting and nailbiting the
whole way. TTYL

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2001\11\05@151048 by Simon Redwood

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I second that one, I too only started watching it because we have no other
night time entertainment, well not that late anyway ;)
Just wish the timezones didn't affect werk quite so much.

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