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'[OT]: Weather proof connectors'
2002\02\13@144657 by Donovan Parks


I am in need of some good quality weather proof connectors.  The project I
am working on requires several connectors that will be exposed to a fairly
wet climate for extended periods of time.  We are running 208Vac and 4 data
lines in the wires (i.e. I need 7 pin connectors).  Ideally, the connectors
would be plastic or smooth metal as they will be wound into a spoil of rope
via a wench.  Can anyone suggest some suitable connectors? A search of the
web for 'weather proof connectors' and 'water proof connectors' has given me
some possibilities, but the water proof connectors are more than we need
(and expensive) and many connectors are not capable of handling 208Vac.  In
addition, we need a connector that doesn't require an expensive special tool
to fabricate (a $50-100 hand tool we could do, but a $500 machine is out of
the question).  Thanks.

Donovan Parks

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2002\02\13@150130 by Douglas Butler

We have needs similar to yours.  We have tried NEMA 6P Micro-change
connectors from Brad Harrison with mixed results.  Their Mini-change
connectors are too big for us but may be better.  Next we are trying
connectors from Fischer (  We need
connectors that can take about 100 PSI of seawater for a day at a time.

If you have infinite money there is SEACON who makes a nice Minicon
connector, but a mated pair of 8 pin connectors is US$1100 !!!!

Let us know how you make out.

Sherpa Doug

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