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'[OT]: Wauy lines'
2001\05\08@062333 by Snail Instruments

Hi all,

A friend asked me for help with OSD monitor. One of the setings is explained in the manual that it "Reduces the optical effect of wauy lines on the display image".

And he says "When I exercise this setting from one end-stop to the other there is first visible the (internal) mask stucture on the screen, it starts to disappear as I go further, then the image becomes blurry and ends up shaking.

My first thought was that wauy is a typo and should be wavy, but the described behaviour does not correspond with this explanation (or maybe he didn't have the right test picture?). Anyone has a clue how this control works and what it is supposed to do?


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2001\05\08@063935 by Ashley Roll

Hi Josef,

Perhaps it is a "Moire" pattern adjuster.. basically when you get stipple
patterns (alternating light and dark checkerboards like in a windows scroll
bar), some times this overlays onto the internal pixel mask of the monitor
and results in an optical effect that can produce "wavy colours and lines".

This is difficult to explain.. and I think that is how it works.

If you're using the standard (grey) windows colour set, it is most apparent
in the scroll bar.. try adjusting it when looking at a scroll bar.

Ash (who spends about 10 minutes setting up a new monitor to be "perfect")

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2001\05\08@073638 by Bob Ammerman

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This is 'moire' control.  It eliminates optical 'beat' frequencies between
the shadow mask and the incoming pixels.

Not sure how it works.

The 'wauy' / 'wavy' does make some sense.

You can see a low tech version of this by looking thru two stacked pieces of
window screening and rotating one piece a few degrees relative to the other,
and then shifting it around.

Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems
(contract development of high performance, high function, low-level

{Original Message removed}

2001\05\08@074235 by Jinx

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Here's an excellent freeware Philips Test Pattern Generator.
I've used it a few times and passed it on to friends who use it

The original instruction page seems to be gone but the files
are still there (3MB total). I have the original page saved -


Philips Display Components introduces its test pattern generator
software for widescreen computer monitors. Suitable also for
standard format (4:3) monitors, the new software allows advanced
PC users to test various imaging properties. Thirty pre-defined
patterns are available and users can even create their own patterns.
Patterns can also be combined for advanced testing

Installation procedure -

After downloading the disks, place them into one folder

In the File Manager (Windows 3.11) or Windows Explorer select
the proper folder and double-click disk1.exe

Repeat this step for disk2.exe and disk3.exe
All files are extracted to the folder

Double-click setup.exe and follow the instructions on screen. If you
have problems installing, click Help on any setup screen.

After installing the test pattern generator software, you can remove
the downloaded files (disk1.exe, disk2.exe and disk3.exe) to save

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