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'[OT]: WTC Building Collapse- FEMA Report'
2002\08\25@165503 by Dave Dilatush

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For those interested in engineering aspects of the World Trade
Center collapse that resulted from the attacks on 2001/9/11, the
FEMA report, "World Trade Center Building Performance Study",
prepared for the House Committee on Science of the U.S. House of
Representatives is available on the WWW, at:

Be forwarned: it's a huge download, comprising 21 separate .pdf
chapter and appendix files totalling nearly 45 megabytes.

Fascinating reading, though.


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2002\08\25@223035 by Jim

Thanks Dave.

All told, 42.8 MB or 44,892,755 bytes in 21 files.
(Over a fairly good dial-up connection.)

RF Jim

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