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'[OT]: Vutrax Help'
2001\07\19@142927 by Robert E. Griffith

I am designing my first board with Vutrax.

Does anyone know of an online community of Vutrax users -- a mail list,
forum, or news group, or something like that?  My googling for such a place
has come up nil.

I am struggling with the concepts of relating footprints to symbols and what
makes a symbol (for example if you temporarily join two symbols in a library
together to move them, then break them apart, will the data for each symbol
still be correct?  While they are joined, is it one symbol or two?)

Numbering pins on a symbol seems arbitrary because you place the number near
the pin but not on it.  How does it know which pin the number belongs to
(the pin right above the number or below, for example). If it does not know
the pin number, how does it relate the pin in the scematic to the pin on the


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2001\07\19@154058 by Dave Selvester

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001 14:28:34 -0400 "Robert E. Griffith" <.....bobKILLspamspam@spam@JUNGA.COM> wrote:
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Hi Bob

Yep easy package to learn is it not!!!
There used to be a forum on the vutrax web site(Look under latest news).I havent checked it for a while but i seem to remember it wasnt widely used.

We use vutrax at work but i soon gave up with this symbol/schematic link up.I  tend to use the package as a 'taping table' these days(ok for small pcbs) and use autocad for schematics.


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2001\07\19@154913 by Robert E. Griffith

Since writing this request for help, I installed Eagle software.  OH MY
GOSH!  It is so much easier.  And, it had all the parts in my circuit in
their library, which is so easy to navigate.  And it seems to be more
reasonably priced at every level.  Is there a catch that I have not found
yet? Does anyone out there have anything negative to point out about Eagle?

So it's the recycle bin for Vutrax.  I just wish I hadn't spent 3 days with
Vutrax before trying Eagle!


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