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'[OT]: Using a shared Printer with WVista'
2007\03\31@075913 by Dennis Crawley

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It was a sad day yesterday, trying out to connect a Vista laptop to a W98
with a USB HP Laserjet1020.

I've managed to "see" the printer in the network neighborhood, but it
refused to install it self, giving a 0x00000866 error (?). It didn't work
even with the firewall disabled.

After a lot of hours wasted, I did this W 3.11 trick,
With the HP drivers(*) already installed on LPT3 - Windows loves to fake
ports -

Open a command console and type:

net use lpt3 \\host\hp

Problem solved.
I've left a .bat to recapture the printer if the connection to the host is

Happy faces all around. I returned home calling names on Billy, in a heavy
rained noon

Hasta la vista, Billy

(*)Hp says, "Vista drivers won't be available until July! Give a try with
XP drivers"

2007\03\31@080941 by Dario Greggio

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Dennis Crawley wrote:

> (*)Hp says, "Vista drivers won't be available until July! Give a try with
> XP drivers"

similar issue here with a 2-3 years old inkjet HP printer (maybe 3820 or
alike). I found updated driver on site, and they worked...

Ciao, Dario

2007\03\31@144158 by Nestor A. Marchesini

Hi Dennis!!
And I wonder that will have to see a port LPT with a port USB?
better I continue using cups and lpr...hehe

Néstor A. Marchesini

Dennis Crawley escribió:
{Quote hidden}

> XP drivers"

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