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'[OT]: Turning off Micro$oft Outlook's Virus Suppor'
2001\07\27@125425 by Scott Stephens

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I got a spam last night that automagicaly sent me to a web page, and even
spawned an additional browser window to add insult to injury. Having had
enough, I went to and typed "microsoft outlook script
disable" and found this in hit #7

From: Ben H. (ben*no s p a m*
Subject: Re: Disabling vbs attachments in Outlook Express
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Date: 2000/05/05
Outlook Express 5.0:
 1.. Start Outlook Expess
 2.. Click on the Tools in the main menu, and select "Options" at the
bottom.  This brings up the "Options" window.
 3.. In the Options window, press the "Security" tab.
 4.. There are two panes within the Security window:  the top is
"Security Zones" and has two options:
   1.. Internet Zone
   2.. Secure Zone
 5.. Click the button next to Restricted Sites Zone.

If you happen to try to open an attachment that turns out to be a worm
like the "I Love You" worm, you will now get a warning that you are
trying to run a script, and you can click CANCEL to prevent it from

However, I'd recommend doing one more thing that will simply disable the
script's presence and threat entirely!

Increase the security of your Restricted Sites Zone so that it ignores
Visual Basic Scripts (all e-mail attachments with problems are either
executable programs (i.s. filename.exe) or a Visual Basic Script (i.e.
filename.vbs).  The problem is that the Visual Basic script can be
hidden inside a regular e-mail attachment, or the filename extension may
be hidden, so additional precautions should be taken.  Here's how!

 1.. Start Internet Explorer
 2.. Click on the Tools menu item and select Internet Options to bring
up the Internet Options window
 3.. Click on the Security tab
 4.. Click on the red icon labelled Restricted Sites
 5.. Press the Custom Level button at the bottom.  This brings up a
window with various settings in it.
 6.. Scroll down until you see the heading called "Scripting".
 7.. If subheadings are not visible right under it (i.e. Active
Scripting, Allow paste operations via script, Scripting of Java
applets..) then just double click on Scripting to make the subheadings
 8.. When you see the entry called Active Scripting, press the Disable
setting (the settings are right under it, labelled Disable, Enable, and
 9.. Press OK at the bottom
 10.. Press OK in the Internet Options window

If you've done both these things correctly, you will not be able to get
infected by this worm nor any other copycat worm since they requires
scripts to be run in order to do damage, and you've completely disabled
that feature.  Believe me, turning it off will not change your life
much, Microsoft only has it turned out because it makes money selling
Visual Basic compilers.

Don'cha think M$ knows better than to permit malicious code from running on
a computer? I swear M$ engineers must have tried every way to back up and
re-install software, and in each case found some clever little way to force
you to re-install using their program disk. I use to use a CVF and found
they plugged that 'hole' by killing doublspace/drivespace in FAT 32.

One day one of their employees, or perhaps a 'patriotic' FBI agent is going
to sell the list of all the security holes the NSA has paid Micro$oft to put
into their software to an enemy. Then once again our government and industry
will learn how treachery often backfires.


Freedom is pursuing your carrot, not running from a stick.
The mob only rules what its members are allowed to achieve.
Physics - the manifold ways the odds always get even...

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2001\07\27@151713 by Don Hyde

I prefer the more radical surgery method:

Find and remove all copies of wscript.exe from your system.

No more windoze scripting, no more windoze-scripting-based viruses.

Personally, the only thing I have ever encountered that utilized windoze
scripting has been viruses.  I removed wscript.exe from my computer a year
ago, and have yet to encounter anything useful that doesn't work.

In my opinion, scripting was a very bad idea in the first place, and
removing it is one way of improving windoze.  Now if we could just identify
and remove all the other useless, ill-conceived, bug-enhancing features, we
might just strip windoze down to a reasonable and reliable operating system.

Hint to M$:  I just might be willing to pay MORE for a version of windoze
with LOTS LESS features and therefor less bugs.

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