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'[OT]: Tricks & Tips for PCB Design'
2000\06\29@100547 by jamesnewton

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IMHO that is the downfall of it. pdf's are dead. non-living documents that
cannot be annotated, updated, improved or helped. HTML is easy to annotate,
update, improve, etc... HTML lives, pdf is like a straight jacket, all you
can do is look at it. What ever YOU know, or learn or realize while reading
a pdf must be written elsewhere or eventually forgotten. While reading an
HTML document, its easy (especially with to add a
quick note.

Also, pdf's typically don't link to other documents (although they can be
made to) and so must be complete, monolithic, archives rather than

Its also sort of a religious thing for me. I find it very disrespectful to
disallow the input of readers who are my gods. <GRIN>

James Newton 1-619-652-0593
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2000\06\29@131124 by M. Adam Davis

Actually, you can update PDFs using ghostcript.

PDFs have their place, just as HTML does.  There are times when I want a
document to appear the same no matter who uses it, whether they print it,
display it or transmit it.  I also want to be able to ensure that it gets to end
users in one piece without modification.  Signing HTML is not as secure as
signing a PDF (yet...  It will be soon enough)

But then, you might compare PDFs to Microsoft's GUI layout.  It cannot change,
all their products have the same interface and are therefore easy to use for
those familiar with any of their other products.

There are pros and cons to each side, and, in the end, it's like choosing a
micro controller.  Use the right tool and part for the job.  If you ignore
certian parts and tools, you may be limiting your potential...

As far as linking, I can edit a PDF and create links anywhere in the document to
any other document of any kind, whether it's an HTML file, another PDF, a movie,
or any bookmark inside those formats.

But there are some things I'd never use PDF for...


I have yet to meet a C compiler that is more friendly and easier to use than
eating soup with a knife.

James Newton wrote:
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> {Original Message removed}

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