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'[OT]: This is real,'
2002\06\07@091834 by Micro Eng

picon face
ok..we all read and get the emails on missing kids.  I usually ignore them
because most the time they are old or just urban legends.  This one is not.
THis one is from my town.  This one is real.  I am using an off topic header
to avoid being flamed, and yes, exploiting the list for the benifit.  But I
find this more important than discussing $1 wages.

This girl was removed from her home this week by a man, and currently over a
thousand searchers are looking here locally, primarily in the canyons behind
her home.

Please look at the link and print or forward if you are in the western USA.
We all hope she will be found soon and alive.  The url is seperated so you
will have to build it from this but we are all smart enuf to do that.  If
she was taken from the area, the sooner her poster is printed and
distributed, the better the chances will be to find her.

Thank you for your time and patience.

If the link does not work, goto and you can find it there.

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2002\06\10@092725 by srwright

I watched it on the news the other night?
Did they find her?  Was the search sucessful?  Let's us know ok?

{Original Message removed}

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