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PICList Thread
'[OT]: Team productivity'
2002\08\01@234109 by Mike Singer

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Sergio Masci wrote:
> > No way, unless it is trivial software. In my experience
> productivity is more like the logarithmical than linear in
>> the number of persons involved.
> > Wouter van Ooijen
> Actually in my experience the bigger the team the greater the
> chance that you end up with some members that generate
>> negative productivity. The really good people end up
>> chasing problems introduced by the really bad ones. On a
> few occasions I have personally discovered people actively
> sabotaging a project.

It heavily depends on a team, i.e. team leader. He is to
recognize usefulness of a new member. New member
could bring necessary technologies & fresh approach,
saving time dramatically. But really useful guys are often
unpredictable, threatening to blow up all the project.
For average folks: the more people the slower goes
project, I think.


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