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'[OT]: Siemens M55+accessories or S55?'
2004\03\29@113531 by Omega Software

I'd like to buy a GSM phone, but also to interface it with a portable PC
for use as a GPRS modem.

I was wondering.. what would be best, considering I don't care about the
fotocamera: a M55+DSC500 (RS232 cable) or a S55 that is supposed to already
have the cable as standard?

A plus for the S55 would be that it also has IRDA and Bluetooth interfaces..
not so important for me, but a nice addition. But the M55 seems generally
more modern (and looks better :D ).

Any advice?


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2004\03\30@121103 by Alvaro Deibe Diaz

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I have a S55. Don't know the M55... But the S55 is light, tiny, the battery
lasts long enough, has a hands-free utility  built in (only useful in
noise-free environments), and synchronices very well with MS Outlook and
Siemens utilities. The fotocamera, well, is up to you.

I've surfed the web with my Palm and the S55, linked by bluetooth, and
finded it very useful (and expensive).

Very easy to link with infrared or RS2 to a PC.

I am very happy with it.

Hope this helps,


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