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'[OT]: Shipping PIC products from US abroad?'
2002\06\21@173313 by Daniel Rubin

Hello All,

Not sure what happened to the subject on that last post... sorry that is

I have received a lot of requests to ship out some of my products
internationally. Most of what I sell is PIC related. I have a web site  but
I do most of my business on Ebay.

Does anyone out there have any information on the additional costs/risk of
shipping items such as PIC microcontroller based products from the US to
other countries? Are there specific export restrictions to certain
countries? What are the risk associated with people filing bogus law suits
and such?

Please excuse the ignorance I have never thought about shipping abroad
until now.

- Dan

-- Design Devices,
PIC microcontroller programmers & tools, motor controllers and more!  Ebay

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2002\06\22@055259 by Bob

Well, I don't much about "legal" issues per se (CE, international certification,
etc), but you may need to make your customers aware of certain things like
shipping costs, exchange rate, VAT (Value Added Tax), duty, and such so that
they do not get a big surprise when they receive the merchandise (oh BTW,
that'll be an extra 100 quid).

I have sent my non PIC products overseas without much problems to various
individual customer, and haven't had any problems with dealers either (fairly
small volumes).  But, I suspect that if you start shipping product in large
volumes, you had better have an international certification of some sort, or it
may bite ya in the @ss (i.e. products held up in foreign customs indefinitely,
refusal of product by foreign customs and shipped back on your dime, possible
legal action, although they'd be hard pressed to get you into a court.)

I doubt if a PIC would qualify as "advanced technology" per se, but you can
contact your local customs office to "maybe" find out.  Also look on search
engines for "government & customs & export", and you should find something

If your selling only 10 to 50 units a month, I guess I wouldn't worry much about
it.  If your doing 500 to 1000 or more units a month, you may need to think
about international certification (spendy).  I think anyone trying to sue you
from overseas would be hard pressed to do so, as the costs involved would
prohibitive unless someone is severely injured or died, and the foriegn
goverment got involved.

At any rate, any product you send overseas should be tested thourghly two or
three times, to make dammed sure it works right (nothing worse than a
malfuctioning product that requires high shipping costs to have repaired).

The other bob 8^]

{Original Message removed}

2002\06\22@121759 by Spehro Pefhany

picon face
At 05:32 PM 6/21/02 -0400, you wrote:

>Does anyone out there have any information on the additional costs/risk of
>shipping items such as PIC microcontroller based products from the US to
>other countries? Are there specific export restrictions to certain

Yes, the US government imposes restrictions on most sales to a small number
of countries.

Mostly the ones you'd expect (Cuba, Libya, Iraq etc.). There is nothing
hi-tech about PICs so I don't think there are any other restrictions, but
check if you want (with the US Commerce Dept). I doubt China, Russia,
Ukraine etc. present any problems for "normal" (not leading edge) exports.
Costs depend a lot on the shipping mode. Airmail can be fast enough and
cheap for small individual orders. The easiest way to handle shipments
that are more $$ and weigh more is to use a forwarder, but there are
many other ways. You might want to see if your local Chamber of
Commerce or gov't is offering any short courses or pamphlets on starting
exporting. It is a good idea, good for your country, good for world trade
and with the US$ dropping of late, becoming easier for you to make money
at it. So probably worth the small amount of effort to do it right.
You will probably have to initially place the onus on the recipient to
assure themselves that compliance with local regulations is acceptable.
Later, if it's worth it to you, you can worry about CE and such like.

>What are the risk associated with people filing bogus law suits
>and such?

Much less than in the US, IMHO. If your products kill or maim people,
deaths, maimings, fires etc. due to export sales will probably be the
least of your problems.

Best regards,

Spehro Pefhany --"it's the network..."            "The Journey is the reward"             Info for manufacturers:
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