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PICList Thread
'[OT]: Searching'
2002\09\16@025321 by James Newton, webhost

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Chris wrote: "...durned if I could find it by navigating down through the
different areas or via a search." In reference to trying to find the RCL-1
RS232 to TTL level converter in a DB9 back shell on the site.

Well.... First you click on the link to go to the TOP. Its on every page...
in the upper right corner if your browser supports CCS otherwise its in the
"Did you find what you needed?" section which is at the Bottom of every
page. You could also search for RCL or RLC in the "No, I'm looking for:" box
in that same section, but please don't as the search engine is a real cycle
hound for the server.

Then: It's a hardware item, so you go to hardware instead of software, then
you pick IO (Input/Output) from the list of different types of hardware...
then you pick Serial from the types of IO ports, and you pick RS232 from the
types of Serial IO hardware and then you click on the link for Level
conversion and then on the RCL (or RLC).

Or if you go to you could click on PIC FAQ then on IO then on
RS232 then on RCL-1

I would love to know how that could be laid out any more logically?

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then approve or delete the update, by clicking on a link in the email. It
makes sure the content stays up to date and helps collect more information
by inviting people to post directly to the web page.

Also, this is not PIC related... please use [OT]: or Scott (future admin
#5?) will kick you off the list. <GRIN>

James Newton: webmaster, former Admin #3  1-619-652-0593 phone

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ways.  See for details.

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