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'[OT]: Scanner-to-Printer Win95 programs'
2000\08\30@135434 by Andrew Kunz

What are you guys using to implement a "copier" function with a scanner and a

I just got a scanner for $50 from Staples (UMAX) and would like to be able to
scan directly to the printer.  Right now I'm using M$ Photo Editor to start the
scanner interface, then when it finishes I have to hit <PRINT> to send it off to
the printer (networked, on another machine).

What I would like is a simple utility to let my wife click a "copier" button
that does the whole thing w/o human intervention.

The problem I see right now is that the UMAX driver s/w wants you to always set
the scan mode (dpi, paper type, resolution, ...) manually, then click <SCAN>
before it starts its job.  Then PhotoEd wants me to click <PRINT>..

You get the picture.  Any one-button software around out there?



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2000\08\30@140310 by Randy Glenn

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You sure that your scanner didn't come with one? My Acer did... so did my
Grandma's UMAX...

Try Pagis Pro. I got a slightly older version ('97) for about $10 locally.

-Randy Glenn

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2000\08\30@143607 by Octavio P Nogueira

There is a software called Photocopier Pro made by
Nico Cuppen that do this. Take a look at,,0016PT,.html

Friendly Regards

Octavio Nogueira
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